Social Justice Warriors!

That’s the last time I will use that term. You see, warriors are honorable, fierce, have integrity and fight for something noble. Don’t hide behind masks or roam in mobs. Don’t engage in group-think, aren’t self-serving or entitled. Seek to protect, not destroy. Pretty much everything my father did when he joined the army as a teen to fight overseas in WW2. He wasn’t a Liberal Arts major in college, he had a grade 8 education. He wasn’t a student of philosophy  or any of the  “mind” sciences. He was just a young man who absolutely knew the difference between right and wrong  and knew he had to fight the wrong. Social Justice Cowards is a more accurate term for today’s group. They hide behind the anonymity of social media, they riot and vandalize  in mobs wearing masks,  for absolutely no reason, they rant about injustices that don’t really exist, they lie and distort  to support their agenda. In other words, they have absolutely no scruples or honour. They have an agenda that has been fostered and encouraged for the last 40 years by a very left leaning educational system, pampered by a left leaning judiciary, and coddled by an increasingly socialist political system. We, my generation, have failed them. We took away discipline, encouraged entitlement, lost control, rewarded mediocrity, abandoned our parental responsibilities in favor of striving for “things”, did not instill an inherent sense of right vs wrong and generally let the little bastards get away with murder. Some is our responsibility, some is decided by factors not in our control and some is foisted on us by society in general.

White Privilege is a strictly Marxist SJC  turn of phrase. Just read where the South African government, ANC party, you know the one ruled by Nelson Mandela, has just enacted legislation to confiscate all land owned by white farmers and redistribute it to blacks. That only applies to the 30% of white farmers who still are there because 70% have been murdered by black gangs and had their property stolen. Would that be considered Black Privilege???

I can’t and won’t speak for the “majority”. A lot of posts and comments from some (I’m trying to think of some really demeaning word here) people think they do. “I know I speak for the majority when,,,” is an all too often  written phrase. News flash!!! You’re an idiot and you don’t. My views are exactly that, MINE. I don’t expect, or care  to convert people. If we share those views, fine. Unlike the pious and sanctimonious left, I won’t insult you if you don’t.  BTW, that’s the easiest way to tell you’re dealing with a liberal SJC. As soon as you say something they can’t refute, don’t like or disagrees with their agenda, they will invariably insult you. As seen by groups or movements like BLM, MeToo or the Man-Made Climate Change religion,  they are convinced the one who screams the loudest is right.

Speaking of climate change alarmist’s, I’ve noticed that some of the people I know who are zealots or fanatics about that topic are also severely anti-gun in their thinking. And it seems facts and data have absolutely no effect on their thought patterns whatsoever. They don’t even question their stance, because it may make them look, I don’t know, weak, uninformed, estranged from their mutual admiration society! Whatever, they’ve taken a stance and no amount of argument, truthful or not, is going to sway them.  I guess that’s their critical thinking and open-mindedness at play.

Lets look at some of these “causes” that are supposedly going to be catastrophic for our world.  Full disclosure, I’m a “middle-aged”, white, 8th generation Acadian Canadian. An Army Brat who has lived in many different locations in Canada. Lived in Scotland for a couple of years but was way too young to remember. I grew up with guns and am an advocate for gun control. I remember someone once told me, you get education in school, knowledge you get from life. I know a lot of people who have an incredible education, but are really just as dumb as stumps when it comes to life, book smart I think they call it, but that’s another story. So the latest hand-wringing-topic-du-jour is gun control. I think, most people who are passionate about gun control, don’t own guns. I think it would be safe to say, that most of them don’t even have a clue about guns either. Their knowledge doesn’t come from ownership, it comes from mass media, movies and anecdotal evidence. They’re the same people who think AR-15 means  Assault Rifle. In the same vein as I  don’t think celibate priests should have a say in marriage counselling or contraception and men who can’t gestate shouldn’t have a say in abortion rights, people who don’t know anything about a topic, should really just STFU. The first thing that should be impressed upon  people, is laws are made for people who OBEY them. So I advise the anti-gun folks,  that when confronted by someone who is pointing a firearm at you,  inform that person, in a very loud and stern manner, “You can’t do that, it’s against the law!!!” Boy, that’ll show them… You’ll be dead, but boy will you be right! What we need is more criminal control, not gun control. I hate to tell you, but because of our very liberal hug-a-thug mentality of the judicial system and our get-out-of-jail-free Charter of Rights, if we have a gun problem in Canada (and I don’t think we do) you can point your finger directly at the Liberal Party of Canada. Our current feminine, oh sorry, feminIST PM is a classic example. New laws that only affect legal gun owners. Nothing new in the Criminal code like mandatory sentences. Oh I forgot, we had that under Harper, but JT got rid of it. Maybe minimum sentences for using a gun in a crime? Oh we had that too, but the Supreme Court ruled that was against the Charter of Rights. We had a national referendum on Capital Punishment and 75% voted in favour, but we abolished that anyway. Okay, so that one was a Conservative so I’ll take the hit for that, but we could still have it in.  They say the death penalty is no  deterrent, but it really cuts down on the recidivism rate! We have far more deaths from health issues related to obesity, should we outlaw MacDonald’s? We have more deaths from MVA’s, should we outlaw cars? Opioid crisis, outlaw drugs? 1300 deaths a year in Toronto from air pollution, outlaw breathing???? See where I’m going here? Some Mensa candidate posted on FB that “one dog dies on an airline and we have the immediate response from gov’t. 17 people die in a school shooting and nothing”. That’s the type of knee jerk stupidity that seems to embrace these issues. Light the torches! Bring out the pitchforks! A sound mind would respond, well, we have hundreds of laws regarding guns, I don’t think we have any about putting puppies in overhead bins, so it’s really a no-brainer!

I have a friend who keeps sending me posts about “science” that links me, in a very derogatory manner, with some rather outrageous groups. He knows full well that it’s not my thoughts at all, but I think I’ve figured out why. He has a FB following that he’s desperately trying to impress. His thought pattern is classic low self-esteem. If I demean my opponent, it’ll make me look good. If his supporters fall for that, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want them in my circle of friends. His arguments are getting more desperate. I recall a time when I got into a discussion with two Beta males about something that I was totally wrong about. I was asked by the father of one  why I pursued the argument when I knew, and he knew I knew, I was wrong. I responded that I wanted to see how far my influence and Alpha male status would allow me to go. Eventually, I relented. It was very enlightening. Watching these two guys scramble to find counter arguments, all the while doubting their own logic.

That’s how the people who voted for Justin Trudeau must feel. “I know I was right to vote for him, but why is he such a disaster?” Either that, or they’re just totally oblivious, like Moonies, Scientologists, People’s Temple, Branch Davidians, you know, all those other independent, deep thinkers.

There are some other deep thinkers who have been posting lately about my Conservative Party(did I forget to tell you? I’m a Conservative) locally. There’s been a lot of, whining, is the only word I can use, about Doug Ford being the leader. Also about Caroline Mulroney in our riding. People are saying they won’t vote PC because of Ford. I say there’s enough stupid people voting liberal, so go ahead and join your friends. That’s the mentality that got Wynne and Trudeau  elected. OMG. I don’t like Hudak or I don’t like Harper. Waa Waa. Short sighted, myopic thinking will get a Liberal government elected every time. And Caroline Mulroney is NOT a parachute candidate, she’s had a residence in Jackson’s Point for years. And no, she did not flip on carbon taxes. When she got the nod for the nomination in York-Simcoe, Brown was the leader and his platform was for a carbon tax. If she didn’t agree, she would not have gotten the nomination. Like the old saying goes, you can’t change the rules if you’re not in the game. And Caroline’s Liberal opponent is a school trustee, just like Wynne. And we know how well that’s going!!!!


Kid’s Today???????

That’s a question my parents asked, their’s too I imagine, and as far back as anyone can remember. So of course, I have to ask it as well. This is all my perception, of course, because I’m pretty sure I don’t understand what our young people are thinking. I’ve never understood women either, but that’s another story. When I say “young people” I mean that strange age from 15-25. That seems to be the demographic most in the news lately, even though I really don’t consider someone who’s over 20 to be a “kid”. We ask ourselves what we did for them to turn out like this. Not my daughter, she’s perfect, right? Well, yes she is, but I’m biased. There has been so much attention in social media about issues in the news. Social media, now there’s an oxymoron. It is media, but it is anything but social in a societal sense. It is socialist in its method of inspiring group-think. That seems to be a trait of “those kids” we talk about. Total lack of individual thought. I didn’t think peer pressure was as driving a force as it is. Lazy is a word that is used to describe our youth. Not in the sense that they sit around playing video games, eating Cheetos’ and not bothering to pay rent in mommy’s basement, though that is surely the case for many young (mostly) men. Lazy in the sense that they seem to lack that inquisitive nature that is inherent in our preteens. It’s so much easier to just go along, think the same, agree with the hordes and whine.

Entitlement is another noun that’s thrown around extensively. Great line from “The Big Chill”, an outstanding movie that should be mandatory, where one beleaguered character says “Nobody said life was going to be easy, at least no-one said it to me”. I want to find that a-hole that told this generation of youth that they are owed something. I believe in equality but I’m pretty sure the “kids” don’t really know what that means. They think that means socialism where every person gets an equal share, when in truth, it means every person has an equal opportunity. I also believe in charity. We should protect and care for our most vulnerable, that’s the mark of a good society. That’s our children and our elderly. Not the addicts, not the criminals, not the sexual deviants, not the lazy, not the religions, not even the people deemed criminally insane (though they are there because of flaws in  physical makeup). Most of these areas are arrived at by choice. So people respond with, well I didn’t choose to be born black, stupid, white, Chinese, disabled, native, whatever label you want to give yourself. A very large percentage (I don’t know the figure) are born without any impairments or preconceived notions. The pigment of the skin may be different, but all else is equal. Some things are not a choice. Geography and parents come to mind.  Where you go from there is up to you, nobody else.

Here’s a popular myth that the SJW’s love to throw out there. Blacks are over-represented in the penal system because the system is inherently prejudiced against them. Nice sound bite, but nowhere near true. They are over represented because, statistically, they represent a larger percentage of criminals. Yeah, that’s right. 15% of the population is accountable for 50-80% of all crime, depending on the urban area you’re measuring. And that 15% are African-Americans. Why, you might ask? Well, another statistic might shed some light. In 2016, 75%, yes 75% of all African-American children born in the US, were born to single parent families and mostly single mothers. Just a thought.

Can anyone tell me why Black is now being capitalized in the MSM? Chinese, African, Canadian, American, Indian, I understand. These are all geographic locations. Can anyone tell me where the country of Black is? People of colour, that’s another conundrum. We are ALL people of colour. And guess what? None of that colour is black or white. We’re all shades of brown. Chinese aren’t yellow, aboriginals aren’t red, whites aren’t white and blacks sure as hell aren’t black. Chocolate brown at best. It’s just another way for groups to label themselves and demand “special” treatment. You want to be treated special? Do something special! Just because you were born and exist is no real feat.

I’ve been accused twice of “white privilege”. Both from young white people who I like and admire. I wanted to lash out, as my normal well-balanced demeanor would dictate, but thought I better not. I just said to myself, well sooner or later, they’ll grow up and figure it out. White Privilege is a particularly North American mentality. We are a predominantly white, Christian nation, “settled” by white Christians, developed by white Christians, governed by white Christians and probably owned by white Christians. So are we privileged? Well, if we’re not, we should be because it looks like we did all the heavy lifting.  You want other real life examples, just look at Zimbabwe and South Africa. That’ll raise the hackles of every SJW I know.

Stereotypes and generalizations. How do they come about? Well, my experience has been when something exhibits a behavior, over and over again, you can pretty well assume it will be repeated. My daughter gets furious with me when I watch a driver on the road and can probably guess ethnicity, sex and age by their driving patterns. She gets particularly upset when I hazard a guess that the driver is a female. Well, when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck!!! My mother was Scottish, she was frugal, I have a Chinese friend who is a terrible driver, I have a Jewish friend who has a big nose. I’m sure it’s all coincidence because I have a lot of friends who defy the stereotypes. But I did fly into Dublin Airport at 5:00am on a Sunday morning and the place was filled with drunks!!!!!!

Just sayin’….

Socialism at it’s best.

Just came back from Cuba for a much needed break from our winter. I like visiting 3rd world countries mainly because it makes me appreciate Canada so much more. The area around the Caribbean and Central/South America is pretty much all the same. Very Spanish influence, very poor people, nice resorts but the outskirts and inner cities are basically slums. The politicians all have a good life and the people are just working class slobs eking it out. Some have a middle class, but most are just rich and poor. Cuban “middle class” is athletes and entertainers. Professional’s don’t exist. They are the best educated poor people I have ever met. My waiter is an accountant, my tour guide is a sociologist and my bartender is a veterinarian. If anyone of the snowflakes want to yap about how good Socialism works, I suggest they talk to some of these people. There was a Cuban newspaper that I got my hands on. Very fascinating. Talk about “fake news”. Did you know that ALL the troubles in Cuba and Venezuela are caused by those damn Americans. Has nothing to do with Castro or Chavez or Maduro. There will be elections in Venezuela soon and it will be good for the people, as long as those damn Yankees don’t interfere!

The people of Cuba loved Castro. Most I talked to didn’t know anybody else because he has “won” elections every time for 60 years. He is the only ruler they know. There is no internet, unless you can pay the price. About $1US per hour, or $720US/month. Outside information is at a premium. The Cuban people know only what they are told. I toured the Revolutionary Square in Havana and noticed the reliefs of Guevara and Cienfuegos on the buildings so I asked Lisa about them. Mentioned to her that Castro was suspected to have a hand in both of their deaths but she insisted it was the CIA.  She didn’t seem to care that Castro had amassed a private fortune for himself at the expense of the Cuban people. She said, that may have bothered her mother, but she just hoping things will get better. She didn’t question why there was no political opposition for over 60 years to Castro’s regime, or how Raul became his successor. It is never questioned why only 3 of the original 12 guerrilla commanders alongside Castro weren’t imprisoned by him or died under mysterious circumstance shortly after he gained power. That’s for the historians to figure out.

I was tipping about $10CUC pesos, the currency of tourists,  a day to various people. That’s more than the average Cuban makes in a month of regular salary of Cuban pesos, the native currency trading about 25 to 1  convertible peso(CUC). Their government socialist salary is about $400 Cuban pesos a month. That’s about $4US a week. I asked my guide about living accommodations. She and her husband are building a house. Oh, when will it be finished? About 10 years. We have to pay as we go and we don’t make much money. Mortgages don’t exist. You live in an apartment or housing unit, pay rent for 25 years and then you own it.  That’s how socialist housing works!

I talked to my waiter about his life in Cuba. He was 44 had a beautiful family, 16 year old daughter who was gorgeous, 4 year old boy that he was very proud of and a new 2 month old girl who was precious. He was the accountant. I mentioned he might have a good life as a PA in Canada or the US. Emigration is extremely hard. Takes a lot of money, paid mostly in the form of bribes to government officials to get the proper documentation. Glad to see that practice is the same everywhere “down there”. And even then, it’s not certain. His bottom line, I’m Cuban, this is my country, I love it, I accept my way of life, and also, I have no choice. That’s what struck me the most. He was aware he had no choice.

We won’t even talk about the hell on earth that is Venezuela. That’s an example of socialism gone stark raving mad! But, as Maduro says, it’s all the Americans fault!

Now we have to remember that Justin Trudeau was a great admirer of Castro, as was his Communist Party member and Anti-Semite father, Pierre. (Still burns my ass that the Pierre Eliot Trudeau Foundation was started with a $125 million gift from the Chretien Liberals at taxpayers expense). Justin is a Socialist, make no bones about it. He can afford to be because he feeds at the trough like all politicians and has his own modest trust fund, built from gas stations and real estate. “I’m not middle class. I don’t pretend I am,” he said, but he is a Champion of that class he know’s nothing about! And don’t forget, he will never be hurt by his policies, and quite frankly, I don’t think he cares.

I would like to see a success story for a Socialist state, somewhere, anywhere. China,Russia, Laos, North Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba can’t be considered a success from their people’s POV.  BTW, don’t bother pointing to the Scandinavian states. Do a little reading, perhaps The Economist, before you start on about Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark being Socialist successes.

Came back home to see a story about some scumbags, wearing all black and vandalizing Locke St in Hamilton. These aren’t revolutionaries, they aren’t heroes, they aren’t protesting for anything but themselves and should really just have their collective asses kicked. Have a housing issue? Get a job, earn some money and move to where you can afford to! Want to have kids? Make sure you can afford it. I’m not paying my taxes to have you pumping out some rotten little rugrats that you want me to take care of! Child care is not a right! Welfare is not a right! Affordable housing is not a right. These are all social constructs that cost money. You want something in our world? Get a job and pay for it. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I got everything I have because of my White Privilege!

Get a grip!!!!!!!!!!

Frustration at it’s best!

I have some close friends that want nothing to do with controversy. They don’t discuss politics, climate, immigration or any current talking points. Now I know why. Yes, there are always two sides to every argument and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. The problem is, it’s PEOPLE you have to argue with! (Wait a minute, I argue with myself) Sometimes they’re reasonable and the discussion is exactly that, reasonable. I can’t say most, but a lot of the times you look at them and ask “How many moons on your planet?” I think I’m a very logical person, even though some of the decisions I’ve made in life defy that, but some of the arguments put forward by these seemingly intelligent people defy reason!

Gerald Butts, the number 2 power figure in Canadian  politics is calling people Nazi’s because they dare to criticize his boss. (I won’t say employer because WE are his employer, he’s a public servant at our beck and call.)

Our illustrious leader, Justin, dressing like a buffoon and dancing like a clown for all the world to see. There are at least two of my acquaintances who will still worship at his feet. Both are women, if that means anything, and from different backgrounds. I won’t discuss JT with them because logic and reason just don’t enter into it.

Ben Levin, a convicted child pornographer and  pedophile, and Kathleen Wynne, a bull dyke lesbian (their words, not mine)  get together and design a SEX EDUCATION curriculum for CHILDREN!!! What could possibly go wrong?

Omar  Khadr a convicted murderer and terrorist is,,, why do I even bother with this one.

Four armed, drunken punks trespass on private property, in a rural area, that has a history of thefts, trespass and malicious damage, with no good intentions and one gets shot accidentally. But it becomes a political statement! The private citizen, defending his property and his family is acquitted and the world ( in Canada any way) turns upside down. Our system worked entirely as it should and has,for hundreds of years, but because some people, a small minority BTW, express outrage, our PM and Justice Minister weigh in and declare their outrage, before the trial is even concluded. Disgusting at best, but dangerous at worst.

Somebody decides to put to rest, the thought that refugees get better support from the government than seniors. They show that a senior is eligible for about $1400 a month in OAS and GIS. Where a refugee gets only about $600, plus, plus, plus, but we won’t talk about that. I’m a senior. I collect OAS, about $589 a month. I’m not eligible for GIS because, guess what, I worked in this country all my life, paid into and now collect CPP and have put away enough RSP funds that I can draw on them.  So I earn TOO MUCH to collect GIS! I say earn because I earned my CPP and I earned my RSP funds. Nobody, especially not this government, handed me anything. So when I find out that the refugee family in the news 2 years ago that celebrated their 11th child being born, still isn’t gainfully employed, still doesn’t have any marketable skills or education, still doesn’t speak either official language, and collect’s government assistance and child benefits totaling about $82,000 a year in handouts, I get a little miffed. So, you know what, that meme on FB  may be a little misleading, but the underlying message is still there.

This is tax season in my town. It’s been said you can tell the corruption in municipal politics when the nicest building in town is the city hall. Our local government is in the process of spending $60M to build a new Civic Center on prime industrial land. I have no idea what arguments the local politicians have made for a new building. There is no rhyme or reason to it.  The current one is old, but still functional and could be upgraded, if necessary. There is plenty of land around it so space isn’t an issue. We came here 30 years ago. We live in a residential area, not rural. We had well and septic, garbage pickup once a week with no bag limit, slurry sealed road, no side walks, one street light and mail delivery. My taxes were about $600 a year.  Now, we still have well and septic, slurry sealed road, no sidewalks, garbage pickup bi-weekly with a one bag limit, but we do get recyclable’s every week and we still have that one street light and mail delivery. Difference is, my taxes are now just under $6,000 a year. I have a hard time calling that progress. 20 years ago, I checked the mill rates for Ontario municipalities.  Those are the rates, set by the municipality, to determine how much property tax you pay. Georgina, at that time, was the highest in Ontario. I think I’ll check them again, just out of curiosity. Want to bet on what I’ll find!

BTW, the previous information was garnered from “reliable sources”, I haven’t checked on the new city hall myself, but I trust that person.

Funny thing about trust, isn’t it? There are certain things you just have to take on faith. Your health for instance. If my doctor tell’s me something, I trust him enough that I do what he says. If there is catastrophic news, I’ll get a second or even a third opinion, usually at his request. They say it takes a long time to build trust, but an instant to lose it. That’s what I felt about politics when I was young, and incredibly naive. They say if you’re under 30 and not a Liberal, you have no heart, over 30 and not a Conservative, you have no brain. I thought our leaders were looking out for us. I didn’t even know there were differences between parties and their objectives.  Then I matured and discovered that not only were there differences, but most times their objectives were diametrically opposed! The twinkies will say “why can’t we just all get along?” I haven’t studied anthropology, but I have studied history. We are a warring species, not meant to live in harmony. And, really, I have no problem with that. In spite of what the doves say, wars are actually good for the planet. They stimulate everything. Technology and innovation are spurred by necessity. The economy booms, population is controlled and people are given the opportunity to build bigger better THINGS. Ever see what happens to an area after a forest fire. All the stagnation, detritus and overgrowth is magically eliminated and new and fresh growth takes its place. It’s a do-over for Mother Nature. Civilization needs that every once in a while as well.

Having a rational talk about gun control is about as futile as talking about man-made climate change. It’s not as cut and dried as say,  homosexuality. If you’re a guy and you like sex with guy’s, you’re gay. If you like sex with women, you’re not. If you like sex with both, you’re just hedging your bets!!! A little levity but I think it’s a pretty binary decision.

I have always thought the world was binary. Maybe that’s from my years of computers. Everything I know that’s a certainty is binary. There is dark and there is light, life and death, male and female (yeah, that’ll stir it up), on or off, wet or dry. Just think about the definitive state of anything and there are really only 2 end results. Even Schrodinger’s cat.  Multiple choices, but only 2 end results. The cat is either dead or alive. When someone is half-dead, they’re alive, right? So I guess what I’m saying is everything can be boiled down to only 2 real choices. And everything in life is about choices. You make the right one and life is grand. You make the wrong one, and you end up like Colten Boushie! Harsh, but welcome to my world.


Monday Morning Mayhem

So it’s Monday. New day, new week, same old stuff. Politics, guns, corruption, climate, this stuff never gets old. Looked at FakeBook today and all the usual rants where there. OMG, gotta ban “assault rifles”. News Flash!!! Assault rifles by their definition are already banned in Canada and most of the US, including Florida. The AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. It’s cousin, the AR-18 is and it’s illegal most places. Trump is actually right on this one. Ban the bump stock that makes an AR-15  act like an automatic assault rifle.  A very large number of semi-automatic weapons can be made automatic with various modifications, and that should definitely be controlled. We have speed laws in North America. Pretty much every car made is capable of breaking those laws. Lets put limiters on all cars, or better yet, ban them altogether! After all about 100 people a day are killed by MVA’s in the US, so I’m sure that will stop! That’s the kind of logic we’re dealing with. Rational people don’t kill people, either with guns or with cars. They are not the problem. Stop the knee jerk bullshit.

Saw a rather insightful post about fact checking. That’s always been my credo, double or triple check everything you read. Problem with the post was it suggested using tools like Snopes and Google as gold standard sources. That’s like calling Wikipedia unimpeachable. Personally, I check the credibility of the sources as well. Snopes I don’t trust because of its management personalities, same for Google, Facebook and definitely Wikipedia. Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerburg have all revealed themselves to lean  decidedly to the left and I have to assume that biases their opinions. FB has been proven to censor anything with a right wing slant and that makes me question the search algorithms for Google. Wikipedia is run out of California, enough said. Bezos own’s the Washington Post, enough said. The problem is not that I’m paranoid, it’s that I’m not paranoid enough!!!! My favorite quote is” Is that true, or did you hear it on the CBC?”

I have a “friend” who has science as his religion. And like most acolytes, he is blinded by it. The heretics among us who question his gods are looked down upon. This is particularly evident in the fledgling new field of climate science. He reminds me so much of the scene in the Monty Python movie Life of Brian where Brian is going through the marketplace and all the adherents of each religion are throwing their ideas, each more absurd than the last,  out to attract new followers. My “friend” is on that wall totally oblivious to the realities of the world, fanatically sticking to his belief’s in spite of all evidence to the contrary. He is very much like the current crop of “political” scientists (I say political because they play politics more than working in science) who, due to immense ego’s, adamantly stick to their flawed, unproven and sometimes dis-proven,  theories. Their funding depends on them being right, therefore, they have no option. You don’t have to accept or reject the science or even understand it to have a few basic questions. For instance, if the people pushing this agenda the most, are politicians, and their solution is to extract more money from us, isn’t that the least bit suspicious? At least half the attendees at the Paris conference have atrocious human rights records, but we are supposed to believe they care about the planet? When was the last time any politician of any stripe really worked for the good of their people, let alone our planet? Real science went away when celebrity entered the fray.  You have the rock stars like Al Gore and David Suzuki who display their hypocrisy for all to see, but revel in their status. Each has become millionaires because of it. Funny, I remember the children’s story and don’t recall Chicken Little getting rich!   But then again, he had  detractors who had at least a modicum of intelligence. You know David Koresh, Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon and L. Ron Hubbard all have huge followings. Wonder if there’s a correlation? Just sayin’…..




Guess I’m on the wrong side,,, again!!!

I keep running afoul of the left thinkers all around me. I should be VERY clear. I am a gun control ADVOCATE. There must be laws regarding firearms. There must be background checks, storage laws, carry laws, concealment laws, discharge laws, basically anything that dictates who, where, how and when a firearm can be acquired and discharged. I’m also a proponent of the “stand your ground” and “castle” laws, but that’s another story.   It’s always a tragedy when someone loses their life because of malfeasance on someone else’s part. It happens daily, all over the world, for more baser reasons than mental illness or anger, but we’re addressing this latest incident.

Now it’s about the shootings in Florida. Talking to my lefty “friends” is like talking to a priest about marriage and birth control. They mean well, but are really misguided or misinformed. Most are clamoring for a ban on “assault” rifles. Unfortunately, they haven’t really got a clue what an “assault” rifle is. One definition is “a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use”. These weapons are already banned in Florida and most other states. And of course, these same folks think the AR in AR-15 means Assault Rifle. I won’t bother educating them on that, it’s utterly futile.

Another thing that bothers me is they are all pointing their fingers at Trump and blaming him. Seems to me, there were a few presidents, Dems and Reps, before him who haven’t done anything. And of course, the Democrats are screaming about more gun control, but didn’t they just have 8 years of Obama? He said the NRA was too powerful for him to do anything. The NRA has about 5 million members and there are 330 million voters so tell me how 6 or 7 % of the population can control the country? Sorry, I forgot, we have about 5% of the population in Canada who get their own special laws just for them, so I see how it can happen.  If I’m not mistaken, gun control is enacted at the state level, as well as federal, so it might be more prudent to direct your anger at the state representatives, not the president.

The enacted Florida gun laws state a minor, someone under 21 , and anyone incapacitated by mental illness can’t get a  gun so clearly, the one Cruz had,  was illegal, even though the media says it was his legally acquired gun? I think more info is needed there, but god forbid we get an informed public. There would be anarchy!!!

Is there any possibility we’ll ever know why he did this? We glorify this type of violence in rap songs, movies and video games. We give press time and celebrity to groups around the world who advocate this. We watch it on YOUTUBE!! And then we wonder why it  happens. Most laws, including gun control, will be circumvented by someone with enough will to do it. Criminals have always done it. We can’t regulate everything and we can’t all barricade ourselves from the world. The death penalty may not be a deterrent, but it certainly stops recidivism. Oops, there’s that old chestnut!

The human race, or do I mean the hupeople race(?), is like one big trade union. We’re only as good as the lowest members.  And those ones are really despicable! We are a very adaptive species. Ban all firearms and they’ll find another way to mass murder. The Muslim terrorists have already figured out to use vehicles, so the guys that want to go up to a bell tower with a high-powered rifle, will adapt! They say you can’t fix stupid? Well, in spite of what psychiatrists tell you,  you can’t fix crazy either. You can medicate and control it, but you can’t fix it.  I’m pretty sick of the bleeding hearts who say we have to keep these people alive so we can study them and figure out why. Who cares? Point me to ONE person this strategy has deterred from committing mass murder. It’s all very well for these chin stroker’s to tell me why this nut-bar killed all these people, but what I really want to know is,how to stop it, not explain it! The human population on this planet, is NOT an endangered species. Most criminal psychologists will tell you, incarceration enforces criminal behavior, doesn’t deter it. If rehabilitation is possible, fine, but punishment should be the intent. We already have the laws in place. Enforce them! Any crime with a gun is a one strike crime. No second chance. Automatic 20 years added on to a sentence or death or life in prison, depending on circumstance.  And prisons in Canada should be on Baffin Island. You wouldn’t need many guards!

Yeah, every once in a while, you gotta cull the herd.

Gun Control? How about controlling nut-bars and criminals.

Wanted to start with a quote I saw while shopping for a Valentines Day card. It said “I’ve learned some much from the mistakes I’ve made, that I think I’ll make a few more”. Seemed really funny at the time, the end of this  post shows the dark side of that thought.

You know, there are some heinous things that have happened in Canada that didn’t involve guns, but I guess we have to talk about this because of the recent events. The usual suspects are clamoring for more gun control and the smug Canadians online are pointing out the lack of mass shootings here. They surmise it’s totally because of our gun control laws. I’ll guarantee you 80% of these self-righteous back-slapper’s have no idea what our gun laws even are. Some make the claim the 2nd amendment doesn’t work because there have been zero tyrants overthrown. Imagine how pissed the american left must be that they don’t have an armed  militia now so they could overthrow Trump? There are plenty of right-wing armed militia’s out there, so don’t be so sure something won’t happen. Just sayin’.

I’ve always been a firm believer in gun control. I grew up with guns. Makes sense not to give them to unsupervised kids, makes sense to store them safely, makes sense to limit who can get one, makes sense to do a background check on someone wanting one. But it also makes sense to add 10 years, additional and mandatory, to any crime involving a firearm, makes sense to have a death penalty for anyone who, for whatever reason, cannot function within our  framework by not coveting human life. I also advocate the death penalty for pedophiles, but that’s another story.

I also believe that laws are only effective against people who respect them. They do nothing to deter criminals from using guns. They do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining them. Nobody bothers to mention that in areas where conceal-carry laws are in effect, some stats show violent crime goes down. It’s the deterrent the world has been using since 1945. If you know I have a weapon, you won’t screw with me. So the suggestion might be, instead of putting an ADT sticker in your window, put an NRA one! Just kidding, I know the flack I’ll get for even mentioning that group.

I’m also very confused about our adoration for certain entertainers who degrade women by calling them “hos”, advocate violence against police, use handguns as props in videos supporting the “gangsta” life style and generally making it “cool” to be a bad guy. It seems counter intuitive to have these people call for gun control and then promote gun violence. But hey,  I’m not a millionaire rapper, just a senior, middle-class, retired white guy.

OK, let’s get to it. The Stanley case in Sask. From what I have read, the area has had a problem for quite some time with people from a certain area causing grief. Property crimes, thefts, vandalism, trespass, all sorts of personal space invasions. I used the “personal space” phrase so the lefties can relate. Anyway, it’s a known issue. So it’s nighttime, in the middle of nowhere and this guy is awakened by a commotion on his property. He confronts 4 drunken youths, who happen to have a loaded weapon with them. In Ontario, that makes them criminals right away. During the course of the confrontation, one of the people gets shot and dies. My first thought was if he was intending to do something nefarious, all four would have been shot, but we’ll never know. So it goes to trial and the jury of his peers, find him not guilty of second degree murder. The nation is outraged. Well, the Liberals and some Indigenous people anyway. Apparently, there were no Indigenous people on the jury. Therein lies the outrage. The inference is if there were, he would have been convicted. That tells me, if Indigenous people were on the jury, they would  have been prejudiced against a white man because their verdict was preconceived.  So our Liberal government decides that they don’t like the way our judicial system works, so we’re going to skew it in favour of one particular group.  I love equality. Seems the more Liberal you are, the more of it you get! Love how this kids family rushes to Ottawa to whine and complain because they didn’t get their way. Notice there was no mention of the tension in that community regarding relations with the natives on that particular reserve and the frequent encounters with them.

It’s always a shame when anyone loses their life through accident or misadventure. When you point fingers and bring race into the argument, you lose objectivity. He didn’t lose his life because he was aboriginal. He lost it because he was in bad company, doing bad things on private property. He was perpetuating the stereotype. Everything that happens to you in life is because of choices YOU make! Not anyone else’s fault. He chose to go drinking, he chose to get in that car, he chose to trespass on that property. Should he have lost his life for that? Absolutely not. But people have died for a lot less. Just ask the Shafia family. Oh wait, you can’t half of them are dead!

And BTW, the “18 school shootings” in 2018 is totally bogus. Check it out.